Pyrgos 847 01,
Santorini, Greece
Tel.:+30 22860 28220
Fax:+30 22860 28229


Should you be the king of Santorini Island, this would definitely be your palace.

In Zannos Melathron (Melathron in Greek means palatial mansion) you feel like the king of the world. At least this is what thousands of people, who are visiting everyday Pyrgos castle in Santorini, mumble or imagine.

Need you dream no more. A 19th century mansion built by Michael Zannos, a master of the time, and an adjoined renaissance architecture villa built in 1750, both landmarks, have been renovated and converted into a luxurious hotel. A sophisticated hotel offering all around you the nature's richest, most rare and most colourful offerings vie for your attention on the Island of Santorini.

Both situated on the highest level of the most picturesque settlement of Pyrgos and right at the entrance of its medieval castle, enjoying the breathtaking view of the entire Island and the Caldera from a unique Belvedere.

Next to Profitis Ilias, the most elevated village of the magnificent Island, resting from the highest point of Santorini, reveals the stunning view of the Aegean panorama.


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